The Met Gala 2013 – Chaos to Couture

Check out some of the outfits from The Mets fashion gala…

“Met Gala 2013: Hollywood Gets Their Punk On!”Chaos to Couture” was the theme of this year’s fashion prom, and stars from Jennifer Lawrence to Sarah Jessica Parker to Nicole Richie definitely didn’t disappoint…”

That must be Philip Treacy on her head or?
Hm…looks like Nicole wants to be …old.
Cool detail with the gloves
Nice…but boooring!
Haha …what is this?
Ok, this is not cool in any way! Not even with this theme. Grow up!
THIS is COOL! She got the feeling!
Absolutely beautiful!
Me like! Love the colour and the belt
Not so sure about the dress…but the hair 10/10!
A cat – miau!
Nooop…the hair/make up does not match the dress.
Nooooop!….This just makes me exhausted.
Like it …maybe because it is simple? Does not go with the theme – but it is fresh!
Would have been so cool whit red lips!
She is a fashion guru – that explains it. I just do not understand fashion!

Check out all the dresses here 


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