Saturday afternoon tea + coaching.

Have been busy these last days…lot of work – but fun. I’m getting more energy, dont know if it’s the gym but what ever works makes me happy. A little bit nauseous lately but thats probably normal.

Third scan coming up on tuesday…scary/fun. I love to hear the hart beat – it is magical. Getting very curious, who is this little person, will he/she be like V or completely different? I was driving the other day and I thought – V has always been calm in the car…maybe the next one will be an inferno?

We will just have to wait and see…

Had a really nice afternoon tea with five girls today. It was a discussion /coaching meeting. The topic was emotions & moods – how we deal with them and how it affects our decisions. No right or wrong, just five girls sharing their experience and their thoughts. It was awesome!  Just skip the normal chat about children, school, dogs, help, work and just focus on something completely different.  It was refreshing and I felt I got closer to three strangers than to friends I see every day…weird feeling. I left feeling very calm…but also with a tiny question in my head – Did I speak too much? Haha – I always do!

To make a long story short – these two hours gave me more energy than two weeks at the gym. Thx Inge & Julia!!

…and I also got tho put some make up on. Not every day I take time to do my eyes…like it!



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