I lay awake yesterday, thinking about good topics for the blog. Many of them where about me and my feelings…surprised?

I’m asking a lot of questions at the moment, good questions. Like; When it is ok to work and when is it not ok?  Why the view of not working/working is so different in different countries? When do I feel happy and satisfied with myself? Have I lost the edge, have I become a lazy housewife, will I ever want to work (the way I did before) again? If I do, how important will my salary be? How important will my “power” be? How important will the actual work be?

I will try to organise and analyse these questions, and I’ll get back to you. One thing is for sure – I have changed… I’am quite sure to the better. I still have big issues about not working but my thoughts are much clearer (to me) and I think I’m starting to feel satisfied with myself…after 2,5 years…haha.

Pic from the morning walk…





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