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My blogging has nurtured my love for design. When I started my blog, I did it the simple way, I signed up with This means I could more or less start right away and just do some minor design changes. Then I got addicted, I wanted a different layout…I wanted it my way. I wanted the possibility to change from one to three back to two sidebars. I wanted to add cool plugins (gallery features etc.) So I hade to change to a self hosted blog –

A self hosted blog means freedom! You can choose your own plugins and design. BUT you have to work for it. No more easy accessible templates, no more support, you have to jump in the deep end and see if you can swim. Google becomes your best friend and enemy. 

After weeks of googeling, I found the most flexible template, and for free(!). I downloaded it and started playing.  This gives me such a rush. I love playing with design, colors and fonts. I started to do websites for friends and NGO’s. This is more or less what I do at the moment. I develop websites, and am loving it. I get to use my brain and it is like a puzzle. Everything I do is self-taught (and some help from my friend D who pushes me in the right direction). If I have a new challenge, I can’t stop thinking about it until I got it right. How do I get the images to be centered and clickable? Could I make a sidebar 50% of the page? How can I add a font that works on all computers?

I’m in a new world. A world where user friendly design/layout is the only thing that counts. My computer is my sword. I’m flexible (right now I’m at the gym). And I can’t wait to turn on my computer in the morning. I have thousands of new ideas. New websites, new blogs, helping NGO’s etc. I would love to have my own company and actually see if this could fly. I want to learn HTML, CSS (better) and Joomla (I heard it is awesome).

All of this came from a very small thought – I could start a blog. It took a while before I started because of another very small thought – who would like to read my blog?

Well today I’m very glad I started my blog. The blog is not high quality but I get around 200 clicks a day which makes me happy. And it inspired me to do something I always wanted to do…work with design in some way. This is my way and it suits me perfectly…I’m self hosted.




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