Monday monday monday…

My day started with a loooong TODO list. To get my thoughts in order and not panic (feels like my hormones are not taking it easy with me) I went for a dog walk at 07:30. First time I had to wear a hat…vinter is here.

Started with checking if V is still on the list for his pre-primary school in jan. Once that was done I went to D with two decaf cappuchino. The morning, I focused on the Ikageng website…it is coming around real fine.

Then home at 15:00 just to pick up some docs and drive to the post office. Home again at 16:00. V got a severe tantrum for 30 min. I solved it by putting on Madagaskar and giving him frozen peas…

Now Im treatig a nappy rash from hell and wondering how Im going to force atibiotics down his throat without anyone holding his hands down…hm

Good day in general…


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