Im brilliant…

I am quite brilliant at telling myself – Im not good enough. I just gather all the things I have done wrong/bad/not good enough, during the week and I play them on repeat so I really get how useless I am.

Why can’t I do that with the stuff Iam good at? Why is it so hard to give yourself some cred?

Today I did – I got stuck in a bad movie of my misstakes and I just stopped it. I told myself – Noooop, not a good idea…stop this nonsense. Then I asked myself questions. Why did you do it that way? Was there a reason? Did you try to fix it? And I talked to myself like I talked to a good friend. Saying stuff like – dont be to hard on yourself, it is perfectly fine, no harm done. And there was a good reason.

I felt great afterwards 🙂

Here are some cool findings from pinterest. For the swedish summer…








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