Wollies got the best orange juice and yoghurt. 100% oranges and double cream. That is often how I start my day… and my vitamins of course.

Between working on Ikageng’s website and doing mom/dog owner duties, I got extremely angry at a car that doubled me today. I normally get quite upset, but today I got furious. In Sweden I would have jumped out …but here you never know.

At the traffic light I honked and gestured WTF. He gestured back and I gestured even more. Then I looked to the left and saw that an entire restaurant during lunch hour, had stopped eating and was looking at us. I stopped with the gestures and luckily it got green. My hormones are dangerous…

Just put V to bed. He has the red cheeks – meaning teething. Guessing that’s why he woke up at 4:30 this morning. But he was not upset, no, he was singing. But still …4:30.


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