Good morning!


Good morning! 0738 – V is dressed and has eaten. Dogs has got food and I’m cleaning up breakfast, while reading my favourite blogs.

Went to bed quite early yday after some SVTplay, love it! Woke up at around 03:00 by a car alarm. My first thought – oh somebody is stealing a car, I should call CoreTac (privat security company). Fabio woke up and asked – it’s not ours is it?. Then we both went back to sleep.

In Sweden my first thought would be – somebody (drunk) is walking to close to a car. But here – the alarms often go off for a real reason. Interesting how you get used to it.

Now it is Friday morning, sun is shining. v and F are counting in his playroom. I hear – one, two, three. My little genius 🙂


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