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It’s been a while since I wrote about something important… Well I mean I write about important stuff all the time …hm. Lately the subjects has been mostly – motherhood, pregnancy, Vittorio and my everyday life. That was actually the idea of the blog from the beginning. Letting my family follow me without having to call. Giving them a small window into my life, and make the distance smaller.

Today it’s not only my family who follow my blog. I love going in to my stats and see all the different countries where people actually have clicked on my blog and read something about me or my family. I think friends from when I studied are checking in from time to time. I would do the same. I only have two more friends that are blogging, I wish there were more. Facebook is a good way of following people, but a blog gets so much more personal. If you are thinking of blogging but don’t know how to start. Let me know and I give you my Top 10s. It is so easy – and fun!


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