A two year olds emotions…


This picture was taken Easter two years ago. Both pregnant with a 5 week gap. I was around 20 weeks pregnant – as I am today, but OMG it feels so different this time. I remembered it as being easy and fun, full of energy and excitement.  Not this time!

I know it is different because I have a child already and waking up at 05:30 for the last two years does not help, but that is not the hard part. It’s the freaking hormones! I hate being a emotional roller coaster…

If an entire day (waking up on the wrong side) was the issue …I could handle it but it’s not like that. No, I can go from happy sunshine to nervous wreck in a couple of minutes. Being all confident and then totally losing it. Getting furious over small things and not being able to control my temper and most important unable to cool down. 

I had lunch at Fornos today. Ok – it was not brilliant, but the fact that my waitress probably forgot to put in the order and when the food finally came it was the wrong food. Well it made my pulse double. I found my self trying to control my breathing and try to think “happy thoughts” in the middle of rush hour. The only thing I wanted to do was to stand up and scream out my frustration. When the waitress came and asked me how much I wanted to give in tip, I had to sit on my hands not to throw myself around her neck.

This feeling did not let go of me – I hovered in the background – so when I called the doctors office to check if V’s symptoms were normal and the lady in the reception told me I had to wait and then cut me of the line….well I burst in to tears right away. I have NO margin. If I am happy I laugh, if I am sad (or angry, frustrated) I cry or shout. My emotions are as developed as a two year old…

I can take the extra weight, the water, the heartburn, the itchy skin, the stretch marks, the kicking in the ribs…I even agree to the labour pain the after labour pain (oh yes that is just as bad)…just give me back my emotions and a normal temper….please!






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