Sleep train and iPad train

My son has understood that if he screams enough in mom and dad’s bed at 05:30 – mom (bad mom) will turn on the iPad and let him watch movie for 30 min. She refuses to get up before 06:00 – 1. Because she doesn’t have to and 2. It is getting cold!

This has worked quite well until a couple of days. V wakes up at 04:40 refuses to stay in his own bed. Climbes into ours, lies there for 5-10 min …and then he dives for the iPad. He knows that I have it next to the bed. When he doesnt get it – well he screams his head of. I know I am the only one to blame…Time to iPad train!

By the way…decided to grow my hair…again. Prob the 10th time…


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