Go with the flow



To night my son told me it was time to go to bed. He jumped down from my bed, where we normally spend the last hour of the day, and went into his room. He climbed up his bed and waved at me and said bye bye. Moments like this, I feel like an exceptionally good parent. I must have done something right, right?

Well maybe, but I have probably done some pretty stupid things as well. Like sleep training my son when he was sick (still a feel very bad about that) and letting him fall a little bit too bad and hurt himself etc.

I know I have said this before, you can try to give your kid a routine and it will work in some degree, but you can never make your kid do anything he/she doesn’t want to do. Not at this age at least.

So I have realised that sticking to some kind of routine (food/sleep at the same time every day) and the going to bed always at 19:00…it helps. But for the rest you just have to go with the flow. Today I was lucky, V wanted to sleep and therefore he decided it was time to go to bed. Tomorrow can be different…



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