Frustration and being old…

Sitting in our bedroom watching Skavlan and trying to work. My idea was to work this morning but I wasn’t even close to success. My idea was also to pay my traffic fines, but as all administrative things in this country, it takes at least 2-3 days to solve. I tried to pay it online at two different sites – no luck. Then I drove to the post office but they couldn’t find my fines in the system.  I called the telephone number on the fine, to get some answers, but instead of straiten my fines out, I waited in a telephone queue for 5 min and then I was thrown out. So I have to do it all over again tomorrow. Feels like 2-3 wasted hours. Yeay!

The rest of the day was just running around and trying to solve stuff. Had a very nice hour between 4pm and 5pm in a park eating chocolate cake, but besides that the afternoon was just work. It feels like I didn’t get anything done. So now when V is a sleep and the dogs are fed, I thought – lets be efficient and go through emails etc….but I just can’t. My eyes are barely open and this will be the last thing I do before bedtime. I am not 20 anymore…


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