20130303-074856.jpgAn early dinner turned in to a quite late one. I prayed that V would miraculously sleep until 8am.

But is wasn’t V that woke me up at 5am. The sound of water in our frontyard, like a broken pipe, interrupted my beauty sleep. First I thought, it’s the sprinklers, but at 5am? Fabio suggested a broken geyser, which could have been a good guess except we don’t have one.

Fabio told me to go back to sleep, which he always does when I hear noises, but of course I couldn’t. I sneaked up, don’t want any potential burglars to know that we were awake. Turned of the alarm and went into the living room to try to locate the noise.

I couldn’t see anything, it was still dark. I went back to bed, cause broken pipe or not, I couldn’t go out in the middle of the night and check it anyways. To big of a risk.

Back in bed I cursed the burglars, I was convinced this was a new trick. Lure people to turn their alarms of and go out in the middle of the night – perfect plan!

I put a pillow over my head and went back to sleep – I’m not falling for this trick!

This is the big difference. In Sweden I would never consider the burglar theory and I would walk out and check where the noise came from. In SA I always have to consider the worst case scenario and decide how to act. This time I weighed; letting a broken pipe continue to pump out water for another 2-3 hours against the risk of getting a gun to my head. Easy choice.

It was not a broken pipe but the garden hose that had started to leak. And burglars (trick or no trick) must eventually have left the premises…


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