Pics from the weekend

Arrived at 3pm on Friday. A good 2,5h drive. Did a quick game drive on the property to check out the antilopes.

(These are dogs not antilopes)

Dinner was served at 8 pm and it was everything you could dream of – 1. Someone else cooked it 2. Lots of meat

(And I forgot to take pictures of the meat…)

Bed time at 10 pm and I tried to take a picture of the night sky. It was breath taking! Instead I took a picture of a room mate…


Fabio was up at 5 pm for the hunt. I tried to stay in bed but V was on his feet as soon as the alarm went of. I made him breakfast in bed with; mango, raisins and biscuits – bad mom I know 🙂


In the afternoon we went for a game drive and I forgot my camera !!!!!!!!!!!!!

No cats today but the rest of the big five which is pretty good (though I LOVE lions). Dinner was remarkable – good food, big fire, hunting stories, sleeping V and the night sky!




This is how tired I was when I woke up this morning. Fabio was up at 5 am again an so was V…yeay!!!


And last but not least our house



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