A slow day

We had one of these slow hot days again. Today was a day with a lot of ToDo’s that involved being in a car. You might wonder, are there any thing that doesn’t involve traveling by car in Joburg? Well, living in Parkhurst, you have the luxury to travel by foot if you only need to get a top up in groceries or you want to have a lunch with a friend. That is why it will be very difficult to move away from here.

Amongst today’s ToDo was to book restaurants in Paternoster (apparently they get booked quite quick as it is so small). I was lucky and got the last dinner reservations for four people at three different restos. They were full the whole week (!!)

The next on my list was dropping of the dogs at the kennel…not fun. Max (clever fish) understood the minute we got into the car that something was up. I just have to get them out of the house before I pack. If not, Max follows me like a shadow and looks at me with big brown eyes – we are going with right?

Two sleeps before we are on our way, yeah!!! I really hope they have internet so I can put some awesome pictures of the ocean on the blog.

Max & Svea



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