Just realised…

I started to go to the park in march 2011. Since then I have been a loyal member of the 5 pm group. Everyday we meet up in the park with our dogs. We always walk counterclockwise and discuss the latest news. This week the Oscar Pistorius case is the hot topic. Is he guilty or not? What are the latest evidence? But we also discuss life and things that goes around in Parkhurst.

For me it is more than just a dog walk. If I have an issue or a problem I always bring it up, either for sympathy (which you always get in the dog park) or help solving the problem.

I just realise that I probably see the people in the dog park more then some of my closest friends. And I also realised that many of my co-dog walkers, have become just that – close friends.

If I have had a bad day, I know that what ever happens, at 5pm I have a friend that will listen to me and give me advice. This is quite extraordinary!

It is a place where everyone is welcome. There are only two rules. 1. You have to walk counterclockwise 2. You have to love dogs!


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