How sick?

Is the question I asked myself over and over again. My little son was lying on the bed, in pain (obviously) with 40,5 in temperature. How sick is he? How bad can it be?

My husband tried to calm me down – it is normal that kids has a temperature, it means that he is working. But my brain was somewhere else. I google how to do First Aid and wrote the details down on a piece of paper. Then I checked the quickest route to the best children hospital in town. All this while I was checking his temperature every 20 sec to see if it peaked.

Finally the temperature came down, but V (and we) had a tough couple of nights. It is interesting how little sleep you need when your child is sick. Suddenly you have powers you didn’t know existed.

This evening he was the happiest kid ever. He went to bed at 19:30 and I’m crossing fingers that he will sleep through the night.



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