Good day – bad day


The morning (saturday) turned out great. Nearly all the mentors came and almost on time (not the easiest place to find). The girls on the other hand were there one hour early and instead of 16 girls – there were 25. So I am now on a hunt for more mentors! If you are interested let me know!

You need to meet with your mentee at least once a month for one hour. And the idea is to coach your girl through her last years of high school.


It was so nice to see the girls again (many of them were in the mentorship programme 2011). They have grown!!! They are not little girls any more, but young ladies – suddenly I felt very old 🙂


The day didnt end in the best of ways – Lisa’s car got stolen. It was parked outside the building, 10 meters away from us. We felt so stupid – we hadn’t heard anything! These guys are pros. There were alot of people going in and out that day (more than usual) so someone must have spoted the car. You get so angry, you are there to help and this happens. So the day ended at Orlando Police Station



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