Night activities

For four nights in a row I have been woken up in the middle of the night.

Thursday night – The alarm went of. Not ours, but our neighbour’s. It was so loud I thought is was mine and had to check every door and window before I could go back to sleep.

Friday – Max (our dog) suddenly started to howl in the kitchen for no reason. I had to calm him down for 30 min before I could go back to sleep.

Saturday – Vittorio woke up and had a tought time going back

Sunday – Max again – but this time I told him to shut up, or I would let him sleep in the garden. I think he understood the drill and he was quiet after that (much more effective than trying to calm him down for 30 min)

So I woke up this morning with HUGE black mark under my eyes.  But because the sun was shining and there was no cloud in sight – the energy just ran back into the system. I treated the dogs with a early morning walk with their favourite beagle friend Jojo. (And my best friend K). This is the biggest pro of living in a warm and sunny place – it gives you energy when you have non.

Oh – your question is of course where was F during these sleepless nights? Well he sleeps through thunder and earth quakes at the moment so it is not even possible to wake him up.



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