Is this a taste of the terrible two?

Well probably not (a bit to early) but still getting on my nerves.

I don’t know what has happened, but suddenly he makes this horrible noise when he is not happy with something. It sounds like a donkey that is having stomach ache. He looks at you and points to what ever he wants – a sharp knife, a glass of wine, dog food, the computer, his dummy, something invisible, a closed door, something high up, his ball in the bushes (which he just threw there, and he wants me to get..), the dessert (when he is eating his main), down when he is up, up when he is down. YOU NAME IT!

He changes in a split second. He can be the happiest boy ever, and then suddenly it is just all wrong. If he doesn’t get what he wants, he goes from moaning to high pitch crying (without tears). When that happens, I just walk away – which usually works. But it is definitely getting on my nerves. He can also go from moaning to happy, that often happens if I chase him or let him jump on the sofa or of the table. Bad habit, but what do you do?

Well, hat of for the ladies at V’s play school. When I picked him up today, they told me that he had refused to eat, drink or play with the other kids. He just wanted to go inside (?) where he is not allowed (of course). When he didn’t get his way – donkey with stomach ache. They found out that if they kept the dog (small black poodle) close by, V was likely to moan less.  Meanwhile (they talked to me – 5 min), V found a swing, climbed up, stood up and did a somersault forward and landed on his back. No tears, just a little bit surprised, but absolutely sure that he wanted to get back up.






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