I like Wolves but I'am not growing a beard

Had lunch with a good friend at Wolves coffee shop in Ilovo (the corner of Corlett and Oxford road). The first thought I had when I got there was – is this it?

Sparse furnishing; a counter, couple of tables and a small corner with a obviously very trendy mix of stuff that you could buy. Actually I’m not sure you could buy it…hm

The next feeling I got was –  shit, this must be so trendy and I am so old and uncool I can’t even see it. I looked around, checking out the other guests. A guy in his thirties, sitting at a table next to us, had a pair of shorts, extremely white legs with thick dark black hair and a beard (big). Add to that a cap with a water melon pattern. Another guy, that came out from the shop, had a thick blond beard. I drew the conclusion – beards must be trendy.

In general, the people around had a look that said, I just put on what ever I found when I opened my top drawer in the closet. No effort, but still cool – which made me wonder how many hours they actually spent on their look?

So to the important stuff – the food and the service. It was excellent! A smart, short menu. The food was fresh and tasty and the service was genuine and friendly. I will definitely come back! If not for the food and the service (and the free wifi), but to check out the cool and trendy guests.

I read on Jhblive that “it was opened by Shane Durrant (lead singer of Desmond and the Tutus), his wife, Angie and their friend Greg Rom”. 

3 Corlett Drive
Johannesburg 2196, South Africa
011 447 2360


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