First day at play school

I wake up with a nervous butterfly in my chest. My little baby is going to play group for the first time. I have the same feeling as I had when I was a kid and had to go to school but I didn’t want to. When I was seven I started english school in Cairo and every sunday I cried myself to sleep. My poor parents!

It was not that school was horrible, when I was there I had a good time and I was a happy kid when my parents picked me up in the afternoon. I think it was probably the thought of leaving my parents and the fact that it was a new city with new people and a whole new language. But I survived and I all my memories are very bright from this period, except sunday evenings …

Well, Vittorio pushed himself out of my arms and ran straight to the trampolin. I left him after five minutes and he just turned around and marched of to check out the bikes. I’m having coffee at a restaurant nearby just in case he needs me (or I need him).





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