Ikageng Charity Auction

A crowd of people from all over town gathered yesterday evening in an abandon and soon to be demolished building in Sandton. Why?

Marc Hirschowitz had a brilliant idea about a month ago, why not rent the building and host events until the demolition day. And that is exactly what he did (might add that he is an event manager)

As Mark is also a member of the Ikageng board, he saw this as a perfect opportunity to host a charity auction inviting close friends and friends of friends to meet and invest in South Africas future – the children.

This is why, a crowd of people from all over Joburg, found them selves in an abandoned soon to be demolished building, drinking cocktails and donating money for a good cause.  To sum up – A very nice evening!

Ma Carol – the founder of Ikageng

Auction items – Silk screen prints from Mr Brainwash
Mr Brainwash

Sibo, Lebo and Gloria

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