Gone skiing

The snow has come in Sweden and all my friends are posting photos on Facebook of a winter wonder land. It looks magnificent and beautiful..and extremely cold as it should be. My nordic genes are starting to itch…

As if that wasn’t enough, I had to drive all the way to Fourways (Joburg north) and visit a store with the appropriate name “Gone Skiing”. I had to see all the new cool skiing stuff for this year. I looked with envy at the men and women leaving the store with their purchases. Not so much for the purchases, but because they probably are….yep…good quess – Going Skiing.

I didn’t buy any cool skiing stuff, I bought Thule racks for a car box. This also reminds me of my early winter vacations together with my family, going to Sälen for a week of skiing. We loaded the car to the limit and the car box (a black Thule) were packed with skis, boots and food. I still think that a winter vacation to the alps beats a sun/beach vacation any day. Taking the first lift up to untouched slopes (ideally with some nice powder) and taking the last lift down, exhausted with pink cheeks and ice crystals in your hair (the hair that is not covered by your helmet OF COURSE) – I’m in heaven.

(it is not me …just a pic I found and that gave me the feeling)

It nearly hurts writing about this, because the fact is – I haven’t been skiing since 2010. And if I really want to inflict pain, I watch the movie “Being there”. (You can buy it on iTunes)




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