X-mas tree shopping in SA

Well it is far away from the x-mas tree shopping I’m used to in Sweden. This year I have decided to not have a real tree at all. 1. I’ve heard that it is environmentally very bad and 2. How long do you think it will last in 37 degree celsius? So I have decided to pick a tree that, after two years in SA, I’m starting to relate to X-mas – The Baobab tree.


As the tree is quite big and would not fit in our living room. I will take the second best – a steel tree. Said and done – off we went to the market on William Nicol / Main.



We made a deal with them – A big baobab, a small baobab and a car….


The baobab tree in our living room. Haven’t decided if I want it plain or with some x-mas decorations.



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