X-mas Party in Soweto

Sorry for my absence but all my energy has been used to pull through and organise a Christmas Party for 400 kids in Soweto. I couldn’t believe my eyes (or my body) when I woke up on saturday in pain. Some kind of fiver virus going around. Every bone in my body hurt every breath was a freak show. I was totally out. I felt it on friday but you know the drill – I will sleep it away. Well I didn’t.

06:00 – 200 ml Paracetamol + 400 ml Ibuprofen + some probiotic + some aching muscle pills. Probably not a good mix but what could I do? Slept another 30 min and then I had to go up.

07:30 – Of to Soweto (groggy – luckily I didn’t drive, Lisa did). I checked the iPhone – only 29 degrees today and SUNNY….yeay

Arriving around 08:15 – Kids have already been there since 07:00 afraid to miss out on anything. I try to forget my non working body and it is quite easy when I see the kids.

08:00 – the fruit hasn’t arrived – and will not arrive. SHO (this is how you say Shit, wow, oh – more or less everything in SA..you pronounce it SHÅ with a short H). Su was the quick thinker and said – Let’s drive and buy fruit…(I blame my fiver head). We had some money left for the candy floss, that we could use.

We drove to South Gate the looooong way – apparently there is a shorter way but that was blocked by funeral cars. On saturdays in Soweto it is extremely important to know which roads to use so you can avoid the funeral parades. These are some pics I took on the way.




And then we filled Su’s car with fruit. Got a discount from Tshepo (the guy who is pushing the fruit) by “forgetting” to register two banana boxes. He told us about it 5 times and finally we understood we needed to give him a big tip.


When we came back the party had started…..










That’s it from Soweto this time. It was a great day and even better than I had imagined.



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