Weekend activities

Started on friday with a quite different after work. (Can someone find a good word for me as I am not technically working). Well it felt great and a little bit unstable as I haven’t worn my high heels for so long. But I think I got it right at last.

A guy who works with events, just rented a house in Sandton for one month, before demolition. We went there to see if it could be a cool place for a charity event for Ikageng.

If you felt like it you could do some grafitti as well (I wrote Ikageng, can you see it)

After some mojitos and popcorn we went to Thomas Maxwell for dinner. Such a cool place and the food is amazing. The only thing I thought was missing, there was no “before snack” like a board of charcuteries or some bruschettas. So when we asked the waiter for something to nibble on before the rest of the party joined, she looked completely blank and asked us if we wanted salad. And when we tried to explain, she still insisted on salad…to the point I got angry (yep still quite moody, not pregnant). Fabio had to tell me to calm down and then he nearly got a black eye.

So if you do not need something to nibble on before dinner…you should definitely check out Thomas Maxwell


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