"Throw yourself into the wall" Underbara Clara …here is my DIY!

Now I’m going to teach you all how to make covers for your speakers.

Normally you get covers whey you buy fancy prancy speakers, but if you decide not to bring them when you move 10 000 km south, adding that you have a 14 months old son…well then I would consider making them ASAP. This guide will help you step buy step and within 10 minutes (or maybe 9,5 min depending on how quick you are with your scissors) you have your own DIY speaker covers.

Step 1.

Find a box. If your son just turned one, that should not be a problem.

2. Scissors, duct tape and a string

3. Use the scissors to cut the box. Cut the string in three 50cm pieces and then use the duct tape to put it all together. VOILA


Not bad for a beginner. You can have different colours on your boxes, this makes a cool contrast.

Or you can be more classic and chose the same colour…it is up to you.






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