…well 5h under the South African sun + fever was not a good combo. I have been literaly down since sunday. Tiered, head ache, nauseous the worst thing is that I’m not sick enough to stay in bed, but I am not well enough to do anything worth while.

As I had to cancel everything close to a physical activity (even V’s swimming) my week has gone from full full full to empty empty empty. And the first thought that entered my mind. YEAY so much time over for admin and getting things done around the house. But slowly I realised …I need to sleep. I have slept at least 3-4h a day (during the day) and I am still tired. It doesn’t help that the outside temp is around 30 degrees and NO WIND!

Today is the first day that I feel a little bit better and what happens. V’s suddenly feels very hot, checking his temp it is a nice 39,5. I have no idea how my night is going to be. I feel that it is the calm before the storm. Lying in my bed trying to register if V is sleeping ok. I hear the rhythmical klick of the electrical fence, telling me it is on and ready to buzz anyone coming close (it is not lethal). I hear the crickets and I hear the neighbours dog who must be unhappy with something as he is barking on and off.

All those noises could make you mad but for me it is home. I just hope my little prince gets his sleep and that the fever calms down.


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