So what happened yesterday

Apparently the homeless guy who lives in our electrical power house/box up the street decided to steal a copper cable. This resulted in 380V in our electrical sockets. All 12th street was more or less “blown away”. Our stereo, radio and micro are toasted. The garage gate has to be pulled up with a chain which takes about 10 minutes one way. Our neighbour had all his light bulbs shattered. I thank God that my Mac was not charging at the moment. Our iPad survived by pure luck. The cable literally flew out of the socket while charging.

 The nice thing is that no one knows exactly how it works with the insurance. Is cable theft an acceptable cause? Apparently thunder is not (always good to know).  So when these magical thunder storms, with stroboscope lightning, comes – you just have to cross your fingers that your fridge, dishwasher, Mac etc. will not get toasted…

Of course there are surcharge plugs that you can buy ( I bought three yesterday AFTER the incident) that should prevent your 46 inch TV to blow up…but no one is 100% sure if they really work.




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