Mosquitos and house break-ins

The night went well and little baba slept until 05:00. The day has been sticky and hot. Someone was talking about a temperature around 37 degrees, it wouldn’t surprise me. Not even the evenings brings you any comfort, I would kill for some wind.

The mosquitos have found their way to Parkhurst. I have a citronella plug in V’s room but I haven’t had the time to fix our bedroom. I can see the result on my legs and arms.

You can feel that the end of the year is close. Everything goes in slow motion, the energy is low and everyone is longing for their family back home. Many of the people working on our street, nannies, cleaning ladies, gardeners, dog walkers, house sitters, car guards are going to return home for christmas. The taxis will drive non stop to mostly Zimbabwe, Botswana but also Mozambique and Malawi.

The festive season also means more desperate people and more robbery’s, car thefts and house break-ins. December is known to be a bad month statically. My jewellery has found its way to the safe, not that I have huge stones – but it just feels better not to tempt anyone. The security gate is locked and our double car gate is always shut.

I’m going to take a quick shower and then it is bed time.

Good Night



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