Fountain of Love

I know Vittorio is a lucky kid. He will have his family and friends around for Christmas. He will get all the attention and love that you could possibly ask for. He will sleep with a full tummy and wake up with a smile on his face.

Many children are not that lucky. As you might know, I work pro bono for an orphanage in Soweto called Ikageng. Two weeks ago we arranged a christmas party for 400 kids and it was a blast. We were able, with the help off many sponsors, to give the kids something to remember. Jumping castled, popcorn machines, face paint, fruit, food, snacks … you name it. We even managed to hand out personal christmas gifts  (with name tags) to make the children feel special.

Now there is a smaller organisation that needs our help. A mama – Gogo Rosy Mthembu, has started her own orphanage. She has opened her home to more than 35 children and also runs a day care centre for 64 children. If that is not enough she also has a soup kitchen that feeds around 120 orphans.

I got in contact with her when a friend of mine asked me to set up a web site for the orphanage, to help raise more money. I was so impressed and struck by the fighting spirit of this woman, and how she uses every single penny she earns, to improve and help the children and the community.

So if you feel that you could buy one less christmas gift and donate a few rands (dollars, kronor, etc) to Rosy and her kids – I will personally make sure she gets it!

You can also follow Rosy and the children (and where your money goes) on their web site 

If you feel that a transfer is to complicated (you will find the details on the web site), please send me an email and we will find a solution.

Just so you know – Every tiny contribution counts!






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