Bad bad Gabi

Sorry for my latest blog posts. They are not good, actually I will delete them as soon as I’ve finished with this post. I mean …Gabi’s Cute Top 5….boring. If  you want to look at collages ..just go to Pintrest.

I know there is no excuse but I have been busy. I have dived into the world of blogging and creating webpages. In the beginning it was Greek, and after  x questions to a very supportive wordpress help centre, gooooooogeling a lot and harassing a dear friend (thx D) …I’m starting to get the hang of it. And I realised I have to do some changes if I want to be on top…or whatever…be something in the blog world.

This is the reason my inspiration and ambition has gone from 10 to 2,5 and the result are posts like Gabi’s Cute Top 5, Gabi’s Mexican Top 5 and Me Like No1…I am embarrassed even writing about them. My idea was to copy an amazing blogger ( who makes the most beautiful mixes ….but AJ! how bad mine are compared to hers. So please make me feel more ashamed and go and visit her blog now!

And while you are at it…why don’t you check out these as well.

…clicking through them I always wonder why I even try. Who the heck wants to read my blog when there are blogs like this…

Why I am so pessimistic? ..well I’m in a bad mood I tell you tomorrow. And how the f-ck do you spell “a blog” and a “blogging” one g or two. I should now that by now right.





One thought on “Bad bad Gabi

  1. Kicki says:

    Gabi – i love love reading you blog and getting a glimpse into your world. Please dont stop, and dont be so hard on yourself.

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