Angry soccer mom

Yesterday I got surpassed by a dark blue BMW at Buckingham Road in Craighall Park. I was not slow (60 on a 40 road) and the guy was talking on his phone. I don’t know why I got furious, but I did. I decided to become a bad driver and started to sniff his dark blue BMW butt, meaning I drove really really close. I decided that whenever he looked in the rear mirror ..he would see me BIG TIME! (I have to add that V was not in the car)

I followed him for at least 10 blocks, turning where he turned, stopped where he stopped…always in his rear mirror…always much to close.  I stalked him because I wanted to make a point. I wanted to say – this is how it feels to have a bad driver behind you, uncomfortable eh? After a few turns he started to check his rear mirror every 5 seconds, and every time he did I tried to burn a hole with my gaze in the back of his head.

Luckily my anger pikes quickly followed by a rapid decline, so after 10 blocks or so, I lost interest.  I let the sleazy dark blue BMW of the hook…but I liked the fact that the guy, for the first time in his life, felt uncomfortable and a little bit surprised being closely stalked by a angry soccer mom in a 4×4 SUV.

Change of subject, I got inspiration from Pinterest…


One thought on “Angry soccer mom

  1. Ksenia says:

    Hi, I can totally understand your anger, and I did the same once in Moscow, BUT I realised at some point that it could be dangerouse for me at the the first place (you never know hwo turns to the other guy;))

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