So what have I been doing?

Well alot actually…which means that the blogg has suffered.

1. I have met with Ikageng to see if there is something I can help them with. To make a loooong story short (and if you can read Swedish) klick here. And for the rest of you – well I worked there for 6 months last year before V was born. The good news is that we have something cooking, and as a first step I’m going to help prepare the Christmas Party (17th of november). I promise to write more about that later…

2. I have started to “produce” web sites. Very basic – Yes, but still I am very proud of my latest one (still under production though). – check it out!

No I have to fight my sleepy eyelids and go and do the grocery shopping for this evening and weekend. Tomorrow we are going to a farm…I say no more.

Oh – And I have been playing with my hair & the camera (as always)



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