Reckless disaster?


Well it is apparently my son they are talking about. Is it normal to use these strong words? Am I to sensitive when I get angry?


As I told you guys, my son loves water and has no fear…and I mean literally NO FEAR. So as soon as he is in the water he laughs and throws himself in the deep end. Unfortunately we have ended up in a swimming group with only girls. They sit quietly in their moms laps until they are told differently. V is not only found of water, he is also found of other kids especially girls. So wanting to express his joy of being in the water with three cute girls he starts to jump up and down and splash water all around. The mom closest to me laughs and says…you are a little disaster, aren’t you. Cute…or? I wonder if she would have liked the same comment about her little girl crying like a baby after getting some water drops in her face…

The swimming teacher is good, but I’m starting to get annoyed with her as well. Everything has to be calm. No splashing, no fun. In the end she takes me aside an says that Vittorio is reckless and that I have to calm him down. Why is the “girly way” the standard? Why is it not ok to be fearless, of course I have to guide him and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself…but why is it wrong to explore? I  just realised that baby swim is “women territory”, it is all soft pink and fluffy “connect with your child” thing. But isn’t it weird that a small boy who loves water must be called reckless disaster?



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