New unexpected friends

Hi, I saw you pushing your pram up the hill and I thought you might want to hang out?

That is how Akmaral introduced herself, when calling to our hotel phone. The funny thing is that I saw her aswell, and thought that she might be as “lonely” as me but didn’t think any further. I am very happy she did. That is how I met Akmaral and Askar from Kazakstan/Russia.

It turned out that her Askar was nearly the same age as Vittorio so during four days – we hang out. I just love the fact that two people that have such different upbringing and comes from different parts of the world – can become friends so easily. It turned out we had loads to talk about and there were rarely any quiet moments. We laughed, we cried, we sang, we ate pasta, we tried to talk Italian, we ate ice cream, we walked very far uphill, we bent rules …we became friends.

Here are some pictures that Akmaral sent me – I had no idéa she took.


And this is Akmaral and Askar






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