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I just started to read the third book of 50 shades and I thought, if I ever have a daughter, when will I let her read these books? (Will I ever ?)

It is not the sex scenes that I’m worried about (well maybe a little), it is more this extreme love. I don’t want to be a pessimist, and I believe in love at first sight. I also believe that you can feel a strong connection right away and suddenly everything makes sense.  But what I don’t understand is the worshipping, the “I can not breath with out you”.

If we take Twilight (Bella and Edward). I loved the books, I got totally hooked and was in physical pain when Edward left Bella. It is beautiful but I also understand that it is not real. Edward – this gorgeous, rich, intelligent hunk falls for Bella and his entire world start to spin around her and only her. Everything he does, is for her. When she sleeps, he watches her for hours, when she trips (she often does that) he is always there to catch her. He never lies to her, he has no interests except her and if he does, she always comes with him. It is sweet, sometimes breathtaking but so unreal.

Coming back to 50 shades … it is (except the sex) more or less the same thing. Christian – CEO at 28, looks like a Greek God, filthy rich, falls for Ana, beautiful brunette a bit clumsy. In this book they have added a interesting spice, he likes to be dominant…and eventually she likes it to…hm. But in the end it is all the same. They do everything together, they like the same things and most important he worships her and the ground she walks on.

I am 32, I know this is fiction, there are not a lot of beautiful intelligent men who worships (meaning I can’t do anything without you) their girlfriends. AND there are not a lot of beautiful intelligent girls that want to have someone breathing down their throat, wondering where she is, what she is wearing, and that wont relax unless she is in his arms. It is cute and works in a good love story but not in the real world.

Now I’m touching another interesting topic, why does women love these books? Why does intelligent, independent carrier women, read these books? ….hm next post

Let’s go back to my unborn daughter. If she or any other teenage girl read these books, will they understand that it is not real? That worshipping (in this extreme way) does not exist and is above all quite unhealthy and not to forget weird? Or will they use Edward’s love as a benchmark for how it should be. Poor boys if that is the case. No football, no ice hockey, no sports at all..and they are suppose to be awake half the night just watching her.

Well I’m probably underestimating my daughter. She will understand the difference. But one thing is for sure. If she comes home with a beautiful, filthy rich, intelligent hunk who worships her…well then I’ll lock her up and throw away the key.







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