Can it get any shorter?

…well it probably can, but I sincerely think this is my limit.

Some advice from a girl who has cut her hair short at least 4-5 times.

1. The key is the fringe. You can have short hair and a long fringe which makes it more feminin. A short fringe is hard core and quite difficult to do anything about, if you realise that you do not like it. A first short haircut – I would go for a long fringe.

2. You need to intensify your “girly” attributes, such as your eyes and mouth. The classic rule is to chose one of them. This is more important than you think and really makes a difference. If you do not like make up – I would keep my hair long. The nice thing is that intensifying make up to a boyish haircut – gives a very cool and effect. Opposites attract, ying yang and all of that.

3. Go through your wardrobe, not everything works with your new haircut. For example, I have some girly dresses that looks so weird on me right now. I would go with the same ying yang idea. If you want to wear jewelry – choose simple clothes and one maybe two colors. Your hair is going to stick out so you want to have clothes that don’t take to much attention but still balance your boyish look.

So this is how I look…




3 thoughts on “Can it get any shorter?

  1. white dear says:

    we have some expression here : ” you can’t destroy the real beauty with any hairstyle”:) i like your cut very much!

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