Back from the bush

…this is why this country is just so amazing. Friday evening we decided to pop out to the bush for the weekend. Nothing makes you more relaxed than to fall asleep to the sound of jackals. Sleeping in a tent was a first for me (in Africa), but I have to add that it was a quite big tent (place for two king size beds).

Saturday we spent walking around and playing with Flackie (warthog). We took a ride with a quadbike to check out the surroundings and we bumped in to three zebras, a jackal and a duiker. Dinner was served at 18:00 and we were all in bed around 21:00… fresh air makes you sleepy.

At 03:00 I woke up – a gang of at least 5-6 baboons was jumping on the roof. Well that was my imagination together with a very strong wind that whipped the tent.

Sunday was spent together with Flackie and the cat. We took a last excursion to a swomp with the quadbike and then we headed back to the city.


3 thoughts on “Back from the bush

  1. white dear says:

    OMG! This looks so breathtakingly! I even can’t imagine myself so close to wild nature…you are brave family!

  2. Boris E says:

    Looking at Flakie, I’m thinking Jon Bon Jovi’s mane. “oh-oh, we’re halfway the-ere, oh-ho, livin on a prayer…”. Didn’t know they had proper beds and food there. must join you next time…

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