Why Svea?

The first time we met Svea, the rain was pouring down. All the other puppies were so happy to see us. They came up, waged their mini tails and looked at us with their cute puppy eyes – sweet as whipped cream. When we asked the breeder where our potential dog were, he looked around a bit confused . She should be here, he said and scratched his head. – Oh there she is, under the table.

We bent down – Svea was sitting staring at us from under the table with a look that said: “F-ck Off – do not even try to get me out of here” And she wasn’t cute either. She had a 1cm overbite, and even though she was an wirehaired dachshund she had short straight hair.

I looked at Fabio and I think he saw my hesitation. So she is the only female you have left? Fabio asked the breeder while I was busy turning all the other dachshund puppies to check if there wasn’t a mistake.

I was quite sure that we were going to leave without a puppy, until I saw Svea attack Max from behind a flower pot, we decided there and then – She is the one!

That is how Svea became a member of the Pedrazzi family. A dog with a lot of personality and that just pushes all my buttons sometimes. If you need love – she is the one, she can cuddle for hours. If you want someone to terrorise your tired husband in the morning – she is the one. If you want someone to destroy your son’s expensive wooden toys – she is the one. If you want someone to bark a high pitch bark in your ear just when you are about to take a afternoon nap – she is the one. If you are in a bad mood already and you wonder who made you trip and fall – she is the one.

She is the family terrorist and she goes under the nick name – the cow or the seal. You think I am mean, but I am just honest. If we do not monitor her food intake she eats both her and Max’s food. She also tries to eat everything she finds on the road from our house to the dog park. In the park she has realized that she gets a treat if she comes. This means that as soon as she gets to the park she sits down waiting for me to go away. When I turn around to look for her she is ALWAYS 10 meters behind. I call for her and she comes galloping (to get a treat). And then she sits down again…

She is the ONLY dog in the dog park that sits…

I wouldn’t sell this dog for a million rand! She is just the coolest dog on the planet. She does her own thing, and more or less tells us to f-ck off (as she did in the beginning) by ignoring all our attempt to make her obey. That is why I love her to bits. She super confident that everything she does is ok, she has got the highest bark, the shortest nose and the biggest heart.

Svea we love you 4ever!


2 thoughts on “Why Svea?

  1. Nicole says:

    I think Svea is super cool and I love the way she wraps herself around your legs, and then on her back for a tummy rub

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