This is going to hurt!

Today it is going to hurt badly! I’m going to run, hit and scream. I will want to quit and the only reason I won’t is Rafa!

Well Rafael Nadal is a good guess but no “Rafa” is not Rafael (thoug it is very close), Rafa is my tennis teacher. He is brilliant at what he does…he is brilliant at kicking my as!

As soon as I step out on that tennis court all my manners are gone. I don’t care how I look, or sound. I just need to get to that ball and hit it hard. When I’m in better shape, I might think of polishing my outfit a bit, but not yet…I am not that good…yet.

I should buy myself a new pair of tennis shoes but that’s it. The look must fit my state of mind and my level.

One day I might put on a cool dress but today it feels far fetched…


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