Team Pedrazzi arrived this morning.

Well the night flight was all but easy, but I can’t say we didn’t know what was coming. It doesn’t really matter if V sleeps or not, he is just so freeking heavy to have in your lap for 10 hours straigth.

08:20 – a tired team P arrived at Munic airport for a quick breakfast

09:15 – team P boarded for Rome – and THANK GOD we sleept the entire flight. (More leg space)

13:30 – check in at the hotal in Fuiggi

15:00 – first Italien food on Italien soil – Pasta and Cannellone Siciliano. The dessert was so good I didn’t get the photo in time.

Sweet Italien dreams!



One thought on “Team Pedrazzi arrived this morning.

  1. Michelle Jentjens says:

    Gabi are you in Rome? We just missed each other, we left Rome yesterday 🙁 Enjoy it (although Rome is just too busy now)!!

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