Polka dots and spikes

To sum up the fashion in Paris right now (very roughly), I would say polka dots and spikes. Well if one of the biggest french brands, Louis Vuitton, collaborates with a Japanese trend icon, Yayoi Kusama, polka dots is what you get. I must say am not 100% convinced, and as much as I like polka dots, it doesn’t feel very innovative. I more got the feeling…aha it is polka dots this year.

The polka dot trend is spreading…

I really liked when LV collaborated with Takashi Murakami, and there where cute happy colored cartoons everywhere. Well that is probably why I’m not a fashion guru. I do not understand the uniqueness and high level trend awareness with polka dots. Hasn’t dots been around for a year at least? Ok I like the black and yellow stuff. Oh forgot to say that Yayoi Kusama has influenced people like Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg….so I should maybe just shut up and say that her polka dots are AMAZING

You judge…

The next trend I saw was spikes. Spikes on shoulders, spikes on shoes, spikes and leopard etc. Well it is just about time that Gothic gets trendy or… not my cup of tea either.

What I do like, and I know it is sooooo 2008 is skulls. And one brand I can always relay onis Zadig & Voltaire.


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