Misunderstandings and understanding

Sometimes you just don’t get it, well that is probably what he is thinking while I’m trying to figure out why my little man is upset.

Today was a day of misunderstandings. I misunderstood Vittorio from 05:00 to 09:00, which meant that WHATEVER I did…it was wrong and, I got a high pitch scream and a hurt look in return.

While Vittorio was finally sleeping, Svea misunderstood me, by drinking my cappuccino, by digging up my plant five times ( I planted it five times and instead of planting it the sixth time I threw it at her and went inside and counted to ten). She must have misunderstood me when she decided to chew up Vittorio’s last wooden puzzel (I counted to twenty).

One person that didn’t misunderstand anything today, was the lady next door. She made my day when she came over with these flowers, wondering if would like to have them.


Another person was K, who made me lunch and then helped Vittorio understand how cool and fun it is to play in their little garden house for 20 min.

Alot of misunderstandings, but also alot of understanding….


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