It is OK to drink tap water!

(Munich 08:45 31 August)

I was so sure that it was going to be magical. Imagine flying on your own. You can just kick your shoes of and lean back. Watch a couple of movies, eat and go to sleep. Well it was just that easy, but it is amazing how fast you adjust. After a six hours, I started to get irritated – I couldn’t find a good sleeping position. So I admit, with or without a baby on your lap. Flying to Europe – is just something you endure.

At the moment I’m sitting in Munich and having an expensive breakfast. There is luxury all around me: Hermès, Ralph Lauren, Burberry. SHOP SHOP SHOP. Red signs saying DUTY FREE! It is impossible not to be influenced. I see people going around with plastic bags and a hungry look in their eyes, scared to miss an opportunity.

And yes, we live in a crazy consumer world….on what other planet would you pay a fortune to BUY a bottle of STILL WATER. Water that you can get for free in the nearest tap. Why dear friends, do we buy water, when tap water sometimes is just as good? Why is it ok to ship tons and tons of WATER all over the globe. Packaged in pretty bottles and sold for expensive money. And the big question. WHY do people buy this crap? Please if you are a “still water drinker”, just try the tap water before you ask for a bottle of expensive branded water. Maybe we could stop this madness.

I’m looking down at my Vio (bottle of water) that just cost me 3,2E…I didn’t even ask for it. The waiter asked me if I wanted water to my coffee and I said “yes just plain water, thx”. He took for granted that I wanted 250ml of branded water in a glass bottle…the tap was just next to him.

I wonder how much still water is sold in countries where the tap water is perfectly ok to drink, even taste nice. I’ll check it out and get back to you…



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