Being passionate!


When F (my husband) first started to talk about a hunting licence, I didn’t read to much into it. Learn about nature and how to shoot – no biggy. I thought that he would take his licence, maybe go on a couple of hunts and then put the rifle on the shelf in october/november when the climat in Sweden is not that fun. OH how wrong I was.

I started to understand his passion, when I found a part of a kidney in the fridge one morning. Oh,I have to send that to the lab – he answered, when I asked what was lying in a plastic jar next to my morning yoghurt. Coming home covered in blood, all happy that he had “cleaned” his own animal. Getting his first rifle at an auction and suddenly installing a weapon safe in my cleaning cupboard.

Well now I am fully aware of how strong his passion is – I just have to raise my eyes and count the trophies on our wall. Or open our freezer, and try to find something else than zebra, kudo, warthog etc. I thought that getting dachshunds was just because they were cute, but when F started to talk about buying blood at the butchers to lay tracks for Max. I wonder how I didn’t see that coming.

I love that he is so passionate about hunting. I actually like the trophies, I think they are quite amazing and beautiful. I have always wondered if I would be able to hunt, I have no idea. Maybe, maybe not. The thing I like about hunting, is that you learn how to take care of the nature and the animals. I also understand how important hunting is for South Africa, to be able to preserve the land and all the species.

To sum this up – when I saw these pictures, I got quite jealous of F’s last hunt…









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