Just a saturday

Listening to talk radio 702 which, during weekends, broadcast old old old old old songs. Waiting for my samosas to be golden brown in the owen, should take another 2-3 minutes. My saturday started at 03:00 when Max, who is shit scared of thunder, woke me up by howling from the kitchen. I open the kitchen door, and he passes me like a shadow. I check if Svea might also want to join…she is lying on her back snoring – guess not. So Max and I cuddle up and count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder. He is such a chicken…

My saturday has been very dog and child focused and I just hanged out with Vittorio, Max and Svea the whole day. Playing with water, playing with balls, trying not to trip over Svea etc. etc. Nothing special just a really nice family day. Oh, I almost, had a NICE coffee in the sun with my dutch girls at the Pirates Market.

Now time for bed and a moooooovie ….and samosas of course.


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