School Start

When september comes there is something that happens. I get butterflies in my stomach and I feel nervous but excited. I feel like i’m back at square one, a fresh start a new beginning a clean white paper. I’m getting prepared for school to start!

As much as I loved the summer holidays it was always something special about going back to school. I remember I thought about my clothes long and hard, what to wear how to look. But most of all I loved to go and buy new stationery: agendas, pens, binders etc. Choose the color for the year. Choose the feeling.

This year I chose red (last year was pink)

I found my beautiful red leather agenda in Paris, my red iPhone cover in Stockholm and my orange notbook (Pantone) in Rosebank…i forgot the name of the shop sorry!.

So now I’m ready, let the best man win!


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